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Ashes and Gold Statues

(Things to note down and elaborate on later.)

Flowers between the cracks

Broken vessels

Life from the ashes

Stained glass windows

Jars of clay


Flower in rain


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One-Minute Writing Prompts: “NO money NO problem,” “Rug” and “Sitcom”

From the blog The One-Minute Writer.

If everything in life were free, what is the FIRST thing you would go do?

If everything in life were free, I would go to Hawaii and the Butchart Gardens, so I could look at them with an adult’s perspective instead of a child’s.  I wouldn’t bother with West Edmonton Mall because my 11-year-old self hated that trip anyway. I wouldn’t bother with Disneyland, either, because without the lure of the giant cost of this “child’s dream” of a place, it completely loses its interest for me.  Isn’t that weird!


Rug: Whatever comes to mind as far definition or interpretation.

I saw the title and thought the question would be write about a rug in your memory… So what comes to mind for me  is the Chistmas-colored rug my mom knit and left on her bedroom floor.  It was soft and warm and cushy with gold thread in it.  I’m sure she still has it, sitting there on the floor at the foot of her bed.


Write about your favorite sitcom.  Or even one that holds a favorite memory.

Everybody Loves Raymond. The thing I loved about sitcoms, especially that one, was that it made my family look functional. It was also something my mom and I could enjoy together, since we had so little else in common.

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Writing Prompt: “I’m Part…”

Not my best piece, but I liked the first sentence a LOT.

PROMPT: Launch from the sentence-starter, “I’m part…,” and keep your pen moving for 6 minutes. Finish the sentence as many different ways as you can OR just unfurl from it and see where your pen goes. If you run out of steam, start again with,  ”I’m part…” Stay curious!

I’m part docile and I’m part fierce.  You wouldn’t expect it, but I can be as stubborn as a mule.  I can also be as deadly as fiery lightning.  I throw temper tantrums.

I’m part redeemed and part sinful. I am a work in progress.  I am not doing the work, but the work done can depend on my willingness to go along with it.  Sometimes fierce comes out and heels dig in when I feel my personal kingdom is threatened, my ego, my id.  Sometimes the last thing in the world I want to do is stop being king and let the rightful king rule.

Sometimes the last thing in the world I want to do is fight.  This is the more-often me, but it pertains more to people than to grace.  When I stop fighting with God, it’s usually because I’ve given up hope of survival.  But those are the times when I am most helped by him, too.

Sometimes fierce is the better.  I know some martyrs who were fierce in their martyrdom.  They believed in something more than themselves and became fierce in that.

I want to be more fierce for that.  I want to be less docile for that.  I am a work in progress.

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Writing Prompt: Hunger

Prompt from the One-Minute Writer blog: “Do you know true hunger?”

My mom didn’t cook.  When we were young, she tried; when we were older, she left us to ourselves.  She never taught us to cook.  I went away to college.  Had a sufficient meal plan until my last year, when guilt over the cost outweighed the rational idea of feeding myself.  I never went a full day without food, but I went to bed with an aching stomach almost every night.  I usually ate breakfast and lunch and skipped dinner.  My roommates cooked food in the apartment, the smells wafting around and making the hunger pangs worse, but the food was not for me, and my desire not to offend or impose once again outweighed the rational idea of feeding myself.

Today I have good days and bad days.  Today, for instance, it is nearing dinner time, and I have eaten a bowl of cereal, two hard-boiled eggs, and a piece of toast with jam.

I never miss dinner, because my husband comes home, and it is motivating to have somebody to cook for.  So we eat, even though we usually only have a main course.  Sometimes I’m ambitious and bring home a side dish or some rolls.  Sometimes I worry whether my mom gets enough to eat, now that we’re grown and out of the house.

I don’t know if this counts as true hunger.  What really hungers is my soul for personal connection, and my eating habits reflect that.  When I’m with people, I eat; when I’m not, the effort doesn’t seem worth it.  I have big problems reaching out to people.  That doesn’t seem worth it either.  If I didn’t have my husband, I don’t know where I would be.  Hopefully in a doctor’s office getting a prescription.  But for now, when he’s home, it feels safe to eat, worth the effort.

Dear God, bring back my sunshine.  I obviously need it today.

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Writing Prompt: Song

She actually calls it “When.”

<blockquote>PROMPT: Launch from the sentence-starter, “When I hear that song…,” and keep your pen moving for 6 minutes.</blockquote>

When I hear that song, I cock my head to the side to figure out where it’s coming from.  I turn and I look at the sun, behind me, in the treetops, to figure out where it is coming from.  I can spin myself in circles searching for that sound.  It means love is at peace.  It’s a forgotten melody that we’ll only hear when we get there, to heaven.  It’s a voice, a helping sound, something that tells us where more is.  Yes, there is more.  Chiming notes stairstep their way up to that place when you realize where there is more.

Some people think of beauty when they hear an ocean roar.  I think of it when I hear that sound, that chime, that guiding musical light that is my stairway to heaven.  Bells couldn’t be prettier.  It’s probably angels’ wings.

When I get to heaven, I expect the air will be shimmering with rainbow light.  I could think of nothing prettier.  And I think that light will be Christ.

My favorite Bible verses are about light.

There is nothing more welcoming than being exposed by light.  Then ceasing to see darkness.  And I expect that’s what it will be like when I cross over.  I will cease to see darkness.

I won’t be the same.  I won’t be me.  I will be my glory-self.  We will all be our glory-selves.  We will hardly be recognizable without the taint of sin.

So chime on, song.  Chime on, bells.  Chime on, music.  Keep reminding me what I’m searching for.  Keep reminding me to turn toward the light.

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


It was interesting writing this.  Normally I connect that phrase “that song” with my ex.  But not anymore.

I only see light.

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OneWord: Ancient

Found a new writing prompt website:  Today’s word is: ancient.

Ancient of Days, we are your people from ancient times.
Ancient mummies, telling stories of the past.
Ancient books, fading to dust when opened.
Ancient words, steady and true.
Etched in stone, ancient words.

This word actually made me think of the worship song that I don’t know very well but have sung a couple times:

Ancient words, ever true
Changing me, changing you
We have come with open hearts
Oh, let the ancient words impart

I actually like that song, except for the cheesy “Changing me, changing you” bit.  I wish for all the world somebody would rewrite just that one line.

The other song I think of (and the inspiration for my first three words) is actually called “Ancient of Days,” I’m not as much a fan of that song.  A little too bouncy for me or something.  Does that make me old?

Or ancient. Ha.

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Reblog: Seriously


PROMPT: Make a list of things you used to be serious about. A few a mine: Maintaining my hotness, scorning that which was deserving of scorn, symmetry, finding and eliminating flaws, gardening, violence. Stay curious and keep your pen moving. 6 minutes.

Used to be…As in past tense.  Ok.  I haven’t had a lot of life pass for things to become “used to be,” so a lot of these will be age-specific (i.e. high school).

J. K. (high school crush)
Not letting anybody know I was a Christian
Finding a job, any job
Les Miserables
My ex-boyfriend
Not ever listening to secular music
Being perfect
Being who I thought everybody else wanted me to be
Watching only G-rated and PG-rated movies
Telling my sister who she ought to be
Not giving boys “the wrong idea”
Making sure change NEVER happened.
Not wearing makeup
Avoiding guys with emotional problems at all costs.
Not breathing a word to my boss about stupid little mistakes I made while out driving (e.g. turning too fast)

I’m going to put my own twist on this now.

Things I’m serous about now that I didn’t used to be:

My husband
My faith
Not alienating my sister anymore
Maintaining friendships (work in progress)
Buying quality instead of cheap
Reading the Bible
Showing people I still care about them
Being responsible
Being a good wife (work in progress)
Controlling my temper
The need to laugh to ease stress
Seeing friends come to Christ

Things I’m still as serious about as I’ve ever been:

Pleasing others first
Doing whatever I do with all my heart (i.e. being serous about everything! LOL)
Finding out all the answers to the questions in life
Taking care of my hair (true story, LOL)
Not listening to stupid music
Not being thought of as stupid myself
Figuring out who I am
Loyalty to family and friends
My mom’s walk with God
My sister’s walk with God
Doing the best I can at whatever I’m given

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