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Haiku-A-Day: December 30

Strollers are stressful.
Chicco, Graco, Bob, or Trend?
Why does it matter?!


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Not There, Don’t Go

Why do you have to know?
Why do you have to pry?
Why can’t you leave me alone with my secret pain?
The depth even my husband doesn’t know.
The depth even I don’t know,
because I closed it off a long time ago,
burned it shut.
And the times I meagerly attempt to get back in
it burns again.
I can’t make myself go any further in.
Not to those dark places.
Not to those hot marks.
Not there.
I’ll hurt you if you do,
make you feel it too.
Somebody deserves to know.
Somebody who left my life a long time ago.
He deserves to know.
Not you.
But I can’t get to him anymore.
And I definitely can’t let him know
how it hurts too much to show.


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Closed a door.
Moving on.
Thank you.
You were.
You were.
My friend.
If I.
One thing.

Goodbye is a contraction of the phrase “God be with ye.”

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The natural cosmetics company Burt’s Bees is doing a haiku-until-Valentine’s-Day thing and asked for people to write haikus according to their chosen theme every day.  The theme today was supposed to be Love of Nature and Earth, but I have transformed it to Boy, I Need Spring!

The wind is cold, but
Budding magnolia trees
Say spring is coming.

Chilly winter winds
Cannot withhold buds of spring
Or God’s new-life plan.

Summer: joy and warmth,
Golden light and healthy earth,
Happiness abides.

Autumn: harvest full,
Brisk breeze, spicy warm comforts,
Encroaching sadness.

Winter: joy AWOL,
Withered by gray rain and cold,
Hope for spring sustains.

Spring: joy creeping back
With upward-pushing life through
Hardened earth.  It grows.

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