The Forbidden Room

He stood at the doorway, on the threshold, gazing into the forbidden room.  What hidden wonders did it keep?  Why wasn’t he allowed in there?  He carefully took in everything he could see from his viewpoint.  The metal towers reaching to the ceiling, bursting with delicious snacks that he could only dream of.  The Micah-sized plate and bowl that he had seen the cat use.  The giant metal boxes to the right that shook and made noise.  And behind the door, that wonderful thing called a broom that she only brought out for him on special occasions.

He knew that was where she kept a specific delicious, crunchy, lightly sweetened snack.  He had asked for it several times this week, dutifully using the hand motion she had taught him, and had been met with the tragic words, “No more.  All gone.”

Many times, while he had been playing in the kitchen, the balls had accidentally flown into the forbidden room.  Not by the work of his own hands, of course.  And he had asked her if he could go and retrieve his beloved toys, lost perhaps forever in that mysterious room!  And every time, she had said “No” and went into the room and retrieved them without him–never with him!  Why?  Would he ever know?

One day, he determined, he would find out… It was only a matter of time.


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