Ways Moving Changed My Life

  • I met my husband.
  • I came to a Reformed understanding of faith.
  • I moved to the suburbs.
  • I heard the real Gospel.

Who am I now that I wasn’t before?

  • More confident.
  • Less driven back and forth by the waves.
  • More grounded.
  • Less broken.
  • Less codependent/dependent.

I guess some parts are rather a work in progress or too narrow of an audience to appeal to easily.

Will this really have to just be a romance? Ugh.  My life is so much more than romance.

What could you write that you really believe in? That you’re really passionate about?

I guess the fact that I don’t have to be perfect anymore.  I don’t have to perform.

In what ways are you less broken? (Am I less broken?)

I’m not fear-driven as much now. I’m not desperate to not offend people.  I’m not as hard on myself.


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