Mere Christianity

Just writing down this question so I can remember it to think on it later.

How did Jesus forgive sins before He actually died for them?  (I.e. the lame man that his friends lowered down through the roof)

I mean, I suppose, being God, he wasn’t hampered by time and space, but he was Jesus, too… I’ll have to ask a few people about this.


“Now before I became a Christian I was under the impression that the first thing Christians had to believe was one particular theory as to what the point of this dying was. According to that theory God wanted to punish men for having deserted and joined the Great Rebel, but Christ volunteered to be punished instead, and so God let us off. Now I admit that even this theory does not seem to me quite so immoral and so silly as it used to; but that is not the point I want to make. What I came to see later on was that neither this theory nor any other is Christianity. The central Christian belief is that Christ’s death has somehow put us right with God and given us a fresh start Theories as to how it did this are another matter. A good many different theories have been held as to how it works; what all Christians are agreed on is that it does work.”  (C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity, Book 2 Chapter 4)

Here I find myself in slight disagreement with the author.  The theory seems very important to me, not just the thing itself.


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