Finish the Story: Stormy Saves the Day

The fairies were all aflutter.  Bess had accidentally spilled a whole bucket of green paint into Havendish Stream, and now the whole stream was green!  The plants were suffering because of the paint in the water.  Some were just turning green, but others were outright wilting.

Some of the water-talents had been able to separate the water from the paint by just scooping up the water out of the stream and leaving the paint behind, but this made the stream murkier and murkier.  And the water-talents’ wings were getting tired from running back and forth to water the plants.

The tinker-talents were in the middle of constructing a pipe system from the stream to the plants to save the fairies from traveling back and forth, but they were quickly realizing how many plants needed that water and that all of Pixie Hollow would be covered in pipes if this continued.

“Stormy!  Stormy!” a bright voice rang off the cavern walls of Spider Silk Grotto, where Stormy Seastone was collecting dewdrops from spider webs.  The voice belonged to Ginger Rainglow and her blonde hair was flashing in the dim light.  “Come quick!  Havendish Stream is green and it’s killing the flowers and all the fairies are busting their wings trying to fix it!  They need all the help they can get!”

Stormy quickly placed her water basket on the stony floor and followed Ginger out to Havendish Square.  “What happened?” she asked as they flew.

“Bess dropped green paint in the stream and no one can get it out!”

They arrived at the frantic scene, nearly getting run over by fairies rushing out to bring water to the plants.

Ginger flitted off to find other water-talents to help as Stormy landed gently on the banks of Havendish Stream and took everything in.  She closed her eyes and focused on recalling everything she new about water purification.

“WAIT!” she suddenly shouted.  “Wait, everyone!  I have a better way! Water-talents, listen up!”


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