90s Anomaly

I’m making my own meme.

I’m a 90s kid anomaly. I didn’t watch any of the TV shows the others watched or play any of the video games, except when I was at friends’ houses.

However, I don’t remember booster seats or air bags or automatically locking doors.

I actually don’t remember playing in the streets, but it wasn’t out of fear, I just didn’t need to.

I do remember slap bracelets, SqueezIts, scrunchies, Lisa Frank, all the 90s Disney movies, and when CDs were a novelty.

I did listen to music on my Walkman, although the bands I listened to were Out of Eden, Audio Adrenaline, and dc Talk, not Destiny’s Child, Spice Girls, and Britney Spears.

I miss chat rooms and instant messenger services and when e-mail was the popular form of communication between friends.

I miss the pre-OS X Mac systems and applications.

I miss Storybook Weaver and the original Kid Pix and I enjoyed the Oregon Trail (the Deluxe version, actually, not the Apple II version). I also miss those cool date stamps that librarians used for stamping due dates on the inside of your book, which in my case included Babysitters Club, but also included Boxcar Children and Nancy Drew.

So I guess I was a 90s nerd.

Here’s to all the other 90s nerds who kinda half-relate to the 90s memes and Buzzfeed articles, but also had your own unique, un-mainstream tastes. Boo-yah.


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