One-Minute Writing Prompts: “NO money NO problem,” “Rug” and “Sitcom”

From the blog The One-Minute Writer.

If everything in life were free, what is the FIRST thing you would go do?

If everything in life were free, I would go to Hawaii and the Butchart Gardens, so I could look at them with an adult’s perspective instead of a child’s.  I wouldn’t bother with West Edmonton Mall because my 11-year-old self hated that trip anyway. I wouldn’t bother with Disneyland, either, because without the lure of the giant cost of this “child’s dream” of a place, it completely loses its interest for me.  Isn’t that weird!


Rug: Whatever comes to mind as far definition or interpretation.

I saw the title and thought the question would be write about a rug in your memory… So what comes to mind for me  is the Chistmas-colored rug my mom knit and left on her bedroom floor.  It was soft and warm and cushy with gold thread in it.  I’m sure she still has it, sitting there on the floor at the foot of her bed.


Write about your favorite sitcom.  Or even one that holds a favorite memory.

Everybody Loves Raymond. The thing I loved about sitcoms, especially that one, was that it made my family look functional. It was also something my mom and I could enjoy together, since we had so little else in common.


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