PH Fairy Bios


Cinnamon Copperbeam, Light-Talent

BIOGRAPHY: Write a description of your fairy’s life; past and present. Where was she born, how was her family life – has her past affected her in any way? What does she do now? Who are her friends and where does she live? Don’t make it too long – a paragraph will do.

Cinnamon was born during a holiday party on the Mainland.  Probably Christmas. (Supposedly they are supposed to be born of a baby’s first laugh, but…meh.  Maybe they’re born of laughter and happiness in general.)  There were lots of candles and delicious, spiced things cooking.  Perhaps mulled wine or cider.  She became a light talent, but a very special light talent.  When she arrived, she was covered in more pixie dust than fairies usually arrive with, and her glow was more deeply golden than other fairies’.  Perhaps she can transform into pure light.

AGE: She is a fairly young fairy, but wise and understanding for her age.

BODY TYPE: Is she wiry and agile, or does she work out and her body is the proof? Remember that thin and skinny can bring up to different images – and maybe she’s small-boned but sturdy.

Doesn’t really matter.


COMPLEXION: She’s light-skinned.

EYES: Hazel/light brown.  And they’re huge and have long lashes and leave a lasting impression on many.  They reflect what a deep person she is.

HAIR: Her hair just hits her shoulders (shortish).  She has side bangs that fall over her eyes when she looks down.  Her hair is a medium light brown.  Her features (skin-hair-eyes) don’t have much contrast.  She’s a soft summer skin tone, or maybe a soft autumn.

CLOTHING STYLE: Feminine and light-influenced.  A little trendy (she has cute boots).

SPEAKING STYLE: Is she short and to the point? Or is she long winded?  Neither.  Her intent when she speaks is to add meaning to the lives of others around her.  She chooses her words carefully, but is winsome.

GENERAL DEMEANOR:  She comes across to others as “deep.”

CAREER/TALENTS:  I’m not sure yet… Something unique and special.  It might involve candles, since she was born around candles and loves them so much.

PREJUDICES: She doesn’t like dishonesty.  She finds it disturbing.

BEST QUALITIES: She takes time to listen and understand.  She’s also very intuitive and understands things better (and/or more readily) than other fairies do.

WORST QUALITIES: Even the “good guy” has a few faults. What are you fairy’s?

WEAKNESSES: What is the main weakness in your fairy’s make-up? What is her “Achilles heel”?

HOBBIES: When she’s not being thrashed about in your plot, what doe she like to do?


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