Cinnamon Copperbeam’s Arrival Story

Laughter and happy murmurs of conversation. Clinking and tinkling.  Soft music playing, soft glow accompanying, and delicious smells, all stretching out and warming the chilly night.  Something was being borne on that mix of glow and scent and music, up, heading for a particular sparkling pinpoint in the dark sky, subtly sparkling along with flashes of gold and copper.  Despite the icy air getting ever icier with ascent, the special bundle was kept perfectly warm amidst spices and light and laughter, heading for her forever home in Pixie Hollow.

Queen Clarion and the leaders of the talent-fairies were gazing up as a bundle of light descended into the heart of the Pixie Dust Tree to the arrival platform.

“That seems much more golden a glow than any fairy arrival we’ve seen before,” drawled Rosetta.

“No, I think it’s more red,” said Iridessa.

“Gold and red?  Sounds like orange to me!” said Fawn, bouncing with excitement.

“Shh, girls,” Queen Clarion gently hushed them.  The light puffed softly and pixie dust drifted down like snow.

“Wow,” said Terrence quietly.  “Never seen that before.”

Then they were all hushed as the light bundle finished its final descent to the platform.  The light brightened again at the last moment, then faded to its final, softened glow, to reveal a sleeping fairy, her face graced with a peaceful smile.

Breathless, the lead fairies waited.  The new fairy’s eyes opened and she batted her long eyelashes, then closed her eyes again but raised her head from the ground.

“Oh, I’ve never had such a lovely dream!” she said, pushing her side bangs out of her hazel eyes.  As she brushed the dust from her eyelashes, she looked up and saw for the first time at the fairies beaming down at her.  “Why–hello!” she said.

“Welcome to Pixie Hollow!” they chorused.

The new fairy stared, and then laughed with delight.  “Why, thank you!”  She turned her eyes around the room again and rested them on the queen.  “Oh!  Oh, I’m sorry!  I haven’t been considerate at all!”  She stood from the ground where she had been lying and brushed down her skirt, pixie dust showering to the floor and puffing up into clouds, dusting all the surrounding fairies.

“What an entrance you’ve made, dear one,” Queen Clarion said.  “Welcome to Pixie Hollow, your new home.”

The new fairy looked around, watching the glows from all the fairies–and especially the queen–dance on the walls.  “I feel as if this has always been my home,” she said.

“So it has,” said the queen.  “Every fairy’s heart is connected and drawn to to the source of their life from birth.  And here you stand–in the heart of your homeland, the Pixie Dust Tree.”

The new fairy smiled and blushed.

“And every fairy has a purpose here.  Every fairy is given a talent.  What do you think yours is, dear one?” the queen asked.  She gestured with her hands, and up from the ground around arose four pedestals, with four items poised upon them.  “There are four choices.  You may be a garden-talent.”  The lily glowed and lifted slightly.  “Or a light-talent.”  A bright star grew brighter, dazzling.  “Or a water-talent.”  The water drop whooshed into one shape after another.  “Or you may be an animal-talent.”  The butterfly flapped its wings eagerly.

“Oh.  I do love animals,” said the new fairy, taking a step toward the butterfly.  Fawn bounced even harder, making the new fairy laugh.  Her eyes returned to the butterfly. But before she could reach for it, her dream flashed through her mind, taking her back to the place of light and scent.

When she opened her eyes, the star was brilliantly shining.  “Oh my!” she said softly.  She took a step toward it.  The star’s light intensified. “Your majesty,” she said as she took another step.  “I believe my talent has chosen me.”

The queen glowed brighter.  “You are gifted with great understanding, little one.”

The new fairy put her hand out at last, and the star floated into her palm, where it burst into light so bright it illuminated the entire cavern, making all the fairies throw their hands up over their eyes, except Iridessa.

“Wow,” said Iridessa when it had died down.

“Never seen anything like it,” Terrence marveled.

“Indeed, she will have a very special purpose here in Pixie Hollow,” said the queen.  “It remains to be seen what that special purpose will be.  For now, dear little one, it is time to discover your name.  You were brought here upon a dream.” The new fairy’s face brightened as the queen continued. “Your new dream gave you clues to your talent and purpose here at Pixie Hollow.  It also holds the key to your name.  Tell us, dear fairy, what your dream showed you.”

The new fairy closed her eyes again to remember.  With the star in her hand, she saw it even clearer.  The soft glow was from candlelight.  It was a holiday occasion in the human world—she could almost catch the name.  There was much joy in the room, and the smell of delicious things cooking.  The candlelight bouncing off shining decorations and the scent of a particular spice were what had carried her out the window toward Pixie Hollow.  Eyes still closed, she raised her eyebrows in surprise as it came to her.

“Cinnamon,” she said aloud as she opened here eyes again.  “My name is Cinnamon Copperbeam.”

And she beamed.


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