New Arrival! Lavender Vanillaberry

Pixie Hollow AU still lets you create fairies!!  And there is still Pixie Hollow Forums to post stories and such on.


Laughter echoing among floating flower petals and the scent of violets and lavender. Ground and water far below; floating on a breeze. Warm sunshine and sprinkling rain. A hint of glitter all around. A tall, tall tree. Drifting, gently somersaulting down into the tree in a sweep of flower petals. Light glowing all colors. Dreamy pictures clarifying…

The new fairy batted her eyes gently, as if waking from a deep, peaceful sleep, golden pixie dust showering over her and spilling onto the ground beneath her. Slowly she raised herself to upright and gazed into the eyes of the most beautiful vision she had ever seen: a queen, and no ordinary queen; a queen that dazzled and shimmered with every motion. In here eyes light from a dozen galaxies glowed in love, and the new fairy longed to hear her speak.

“Welcome, new one,” said the queen, her voice all silver and starlight. “Welcome to Pixie Hollow.”

The new fairy finally found her voice. “You’re beautiful,” she marveled.

And the queen laughed like music. “As are you, dear one!” She gestured with her hands, and a wind of pixie dust swirled around the new fairy, and she saw her wings, and gasped with her hands to her face.

“Those are my wings!” she breathed to herself as the new dust shimmered off of them. And then, remembering, she turned back to the queen and said, “I came on the most beautiful dream… Can you tell me what it means?”

The queen nodded and smiled. “I believe we can.”

The new fairy tipped her head back to think. “There were petals. And sunshine. And rain. And the smell! It was so sweet. It smelled purple and white and pink and green all at the same time.”

The queen’s smile grew wider, and she motioned with her hands again. Glowing pedestals appeared in a circle around her, each with an item suspended above it. “Choose one,” spoke the queen.

The new fairy began to turn herself slowly around. There was a hammer made of stone, a perfectly round drop of water, a beaming light, and–a lily. When her eyes lighted upon the lily, it began to glow brighter. The new fairy couldn’t help but break out a big smile. She walked slowly toward it, and it floated toward her, softly spinning. She stretched out a hand and it floated right into her and landed on her palm. Cupping her other hand around the flower, she turned and asked the queen, “What does it mean?”

“We all have talents, little one,” the queen said. “The dream that you arrived on was already telling you what yours is. You are a garden-talent.”

The new fairy beamed.

“And now, little one, we should know what to call you. What is your name?” the queen asked.

Name! What was her name? The new fairy closed her eyes and put herself back into the dream. She could remember it even better now with the glowing lily in her hands. The petals drifting by, the sunshine…That smell, what was it? She put herself deeper in the dream, studying, searching for the names that the smell belonged to–purple flowers, a hint of fruit, and something else tantalizingly sweet. She opened her eyes. “Lavender,” she said. “My name is Lavender Vanillaberry.”


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