Human Approval vs. the Gospel

Some days I don’t feel like I’ve progressed at all from the girl in junior high who didn’t trust a soul to love her for who she really was.  When I remember those times, I feel what I felt then so clearly that it is as if only a few days have passed instead of 15 years.  I know all the answers in my head: my identity is in Christ, and my sins are all covered by the grace of God through Christ. Yet I still find myself worshiping at the feet of the idol of Human Approval–something so tainted by our own fallenness. So I just keep needing the Cross ever more. And I’m always thankful to read things like this and receive the reminder…

“Dishonesty is rooted in unbelief. It’s a gospel issue. When I’m not resting in the identity and righteousness I have in Christ, I’ll be tempted to ‘save face’ or keep up appearances. I’ll want to make sure people have a certain impression of me. But the gospel frees us from this temptation! The good news of the gospel is that your identity is in Christ, not in what people think of you. And your righteousness comes from Christ, not your good behavior (or good reputation). You don’t have to keep up appearances. You don’t have to manage your image. You don’t have to save face. Jesus gives you a new identity and a righteousness you did not possess or earn on your own. They are yours by grace.”

“For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God.” Ephesians 2:8


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October 2, 2013 · 2:08 PM

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