Creating a Character Profile – Template


BIOGRAPHY: Write a description of your character’s life; past and present. Where was he born, how was his family life – has his past affected him in any way? What does he do now? Who are his friends and where does he live? Don’t make it too long – a paragraph will do.

AGE: If you don’t know the exact age of your character then you can put it’s approximation, such as late thirties, mid-twenties etc.

HEIGHT: How tall is your character?

WEIGHT: You probably won’t know your character’s exact weight, but I’m sure you can guess its approximate one. Is he really light – or a little more weighty?

BODY TYPE: Is he wiry and agile, or does he work out and his body is the proof? Remember that thin and skinny can bring up to different images – and maybe he’s small-boned but sturdy

FACE TYPE: Is your character baby faced, or does he have a sharp, chiseled bone structure?

COMPLEXION: Is she ivory white or does she have more of a cream and coffee color?

EYES: Be specific about the color. Ice blue creates a different character than sky blue. And what is the look in the eyes – is it hard? Nervous? Or does it have a twinkle?

HAIR: Put not only the color, but also the style. Is it long and curly – short and spike – or maybe it’s died blue and shaved into a Mohawk. Again, make the color specific. Instead of brown hair, put red-brown, chestnut brown, or maybe it’s actually the color of dried mud

CLOTHING STYLE: What type of clothing does he usually wear? Is he preppy, or more relaxed? Maybe he’s a teenager that always wears sports jerseys.

SPEAKING STYLE: Is he short and to the point? Or is he long winded?

GENERAL DEMEANOR: This is how your character generally acts and comes across to other people. Some people are just generally easy-going, taking life as it comes”¦while others are uptight and always looking for a fight.

CAREER: What does she do for a living?

PREJUDICES: Everyone has some, even fictional characters. Does she hate slow drivers”¦or maybe he’s an intellectual and his prejudice is against anyone who hasn’t read all of Shakespeare’s works – plays and poems

BEST QUALITIES: List three or four of you characters best qualities

WORST QUALITIES: Even the “good guy” has a few faults. What are you character’s?

WEAKNESSES: What is the main weakness in your character’s make-up? What is his “Achilles heel”? Is it that he’s not real smart”¦or maybe he has trouble getting along with other people.

HOBBIES: When he’s not being thrashed about in your plot, what doe she like to do?

TALENTS: Is she an expert artist? Or cook?


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