Two Dreams, One Story Idea?

In my first dream, I was queen, by random appointment that made no sense, but since I was queen, I worked to uphold the respect of the title.  I knew all the names of my small, close kingdom, although I didn’t know them all well.  I could tell who was loyal, who wanted to spread nasty rumors about me, and who wanted to be queen or king instead of me.  There was a lot of unrest among the people and I could tell there was going to be a definite movement to overthrow me or assassinate me if they ever got an opportunity.  I had 4 guards with me at all times.  At night, they stood guard outside the doors of my bedroom, which was on the end of the castle, 2nd story, lots of windows.  But even they weren’t wholehearted in their responsibilities to me.  They weren’t necessarily against me, but they didn’t want to be guards.  They were appointed at random just like my title of queen was.  I could tell I needed to determine who was fiercely loyal and trustworthy to me and would be the right choice for fulfilling the job of guard.  I basically needed to determine my whole “cabinet” still.  They had appointed a queen at random because they felt they were in need of protection from something, but my dream never fully explained what the approaching danger was.  It also never explained why I was chosen, but it was as random as if it had been drawn out of a hat.

In my second dream, I was still queen, but we were all Jewish.  My father wanted to be Westernized, but I wanted to hold to traditions.  We had a conference and I was trying to avoid civil war, but it became apparent that my father was going to rise the people up against me regardless.  We had to go announce our disagreement to a restless crowd.


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