Pixie Hollow Closing

I’m sorry, what?  Did you say Pixie Hollow is closing?  As in forever?


That’s all I can think when my brain tries to grapple with the shocking news.  It makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever.  They were doing it for money, right?  And they were getting money, right?  Why are they closing it?  I don’t understand.  I don’t understand.  I feel like my brain literally cannot comprehend what I just read.

Apparently they announced this around August 20th.  And you have until September 19th to enjoy the entire website for free.  No money required.

That’s why I am in so much shock.

All that crap they put us through by adding paying memberships and severely limiting all the free fairies’ access.

And now they’re just slamming the door shut, just like that.

Does. Not. Compute…

Maybe I should just take a day to let this sink in and THEN take advantage of the thousands of new opportunities opened up to me.  It’s just too overwhelming right now.  I have been battling viciously with myself for months and months whether to use my “play money” to play the game.  And now this.  I just don’t understand.

This has taught me one huge lesson so far.  Let me see if I can concisely explain.

Stuff doesn’t matter.

PH may be a virtual online game.  But it paralleled the real world in that you could buy virtual imitations of real world Stuff (clothing, housing items, houses) if you spent real world money.

Now they have opened everything up to be free to everyone, but they are also for sure closing on September 19th.

My virtual “life” there will be ending on September 19th.

All of the Stuff I acquire now will be gone, forever, September 19th.

I know it sounds silly to compare.  But God has used this small, virtual world to suddenly teach me a huge real world lesson: You cannot take it with you.


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