TOTC New Plot Ideas – In Media Res

In media res.

My book needs to have more in media res.

Idea: Something bad happens before the girls have learned everything, so all of a sudden they have to learn as they go.

For that, they will need friends from the Village or from wherever they are when the action starts.

What would a full-on confrontation with LM look like?  What does Lady Morphia have?  What is she after?

What is LM after?

LM needs a different name.  Time to slip away from the game’s details somewhat.

When does Morphia learn about the Keepers?  Does she already know about them?  Are Banach and the Council just wishfully thinking?  (That would suit Banach’s personality. He’s not very confrontational. Yet he represents the Villagers at the Council.  Perhaps he’s more of a peacekeeper, although they would have no reason to fear the Council.  Leaders can’t always be peacekeepers.  Somebody on the Council ought to balance out Banach’s hesitant nature.)

I think the whole Council was established basically as a peacekeeping committee, which is why Banach is on it.  They came into existence not to fight LM, because she didn’t always exist, but simply to keep harmony between the trees, the Villagers, the animals, the fairies, and all the other living creatures in Collingwood. LM is actually an unusual circumstance.

I’m curious why the Council chose earth humans–and especially the ones they did–for the quest.  But I guess that’s the whole point of writing the story, duh.  If I knew that I’d have the story written already, LOL.


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