X-Men Thoughts and Reflections

What I find confusing about the X-Men movies: They give no clear answers to the questions they bring up.

What’s the difference between Magneto and Wolverine?
Magneto is obsessed with revenge, but Wolverine, oddly, isn’t.

What message do you think the movie is trying to send?
That’s a great question.  There are a lot of messages from differing sides.  So maybe it’s just a movie meant to make you think, like a college class.
But I will say one thing–Charles definitely stands out as the leader of the “light” side so to speak.  And he was more interested in peace and harmony between them.

Another message: Evolution. But there’s this bit about not being superior over each other, at least not with violence.  I think perhaps Charles believed that mutants would become the new superior race, he was just content to let it happen naturally and promote mutant acceptance.

Why I don’t think the movies’ primary focus is evolution: The mutants’ powers were so incredibly random.  And as far as my science books tell me, evolution happens as a gradual adaptation to circumstances?  So since all these mutants that we saw in the movies presumably lived in America, what were they adapting to?  Why aren’t their adaptations all the same?  How are giant angel wings evolutionary progress on one kid while fairy/dragonfly wings were evolutionary progress on the other?  It just seemed really bizarre and inconsistent to me.

On a related note, if scientists suppose “giant evolutionary leaps,” like fish growing feet, then why aren’t the bizarre mutations in India, like children born with 3 arms, considered evolutionary progress?

I think the movie’s main focus is on how to get along with our differences, and also the battle of deciding your personal morality.  The characters are constantly wrestling with the problem of whether to use their powers for the greater good, or for personal gain.


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