Conversations Between Ginger and Almond

“So where were you?”

“I was at the library, researching.”

Almond didn’t know any fairies who did research in their spare time.   “What were you researching?”

“Sunsets,” Ginger said simply.  “I want to find out what makes them happen.  But none of the Pixie Hollow books say!”


“How does that happen? How does cake turn from all that liquid mush into cake?”

“Well, the heat dries all the liquids.”

“Yeah, but if that were all it is, then shouldn’t there be powder?” Ginger asked.

Almond felt stunned as she realized that made sense.  “I think it’s the eggs.  When you cook eggs all by themselves, they turn hard.  I think that same idea gets spread throughout the cake. And I think the flour mixes with the eggs so much that they make something new out of it, so that it sticks together and stays firm like that.”

“Wow, that’s really cool,” Ginger breathed.  “Baking is as cool as light and water!”


“You know what my favorite thing about light is?  The way it changes color.  Like if I put a green leaf over a beam of light, the light turns green.”



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