Fairy Names- Why I Chose Them

Mahogany – A type of beautiful, red wood. I love the sound of the name and made her hair color match the wood.

Stormy Seastone – What is more romantic in a moody kind of way than a stormy sea? And a “seastone” just sounds pretty–like sea glass. Stormy is a water talent and in appearance reflects a mermaid.

Stargazer Nightcloud – Stargazer is a type of lily, extremely fragrant and exotic-looking, but I chose it for its literal definition: One who gazes at stars. I was thinking of someone quiet and contemplative, and star gazing seemed like a fitting hobby for her. “Nightcloud” was just created to go with the star gazing idea.

Luna Appleblossom – “Appleblossom” is more her name-identity than “Luna.” I wanted something light and girly, and fragrant, delicate apple blossoms seemed fitting. Luna means moon. I chose it simply to suit the last name.

Jade Merrywings – Jade is a kind of beautiful green precious stone, highly valued in eastern countries like Japan. “Merry” means happy. I haven’t nailed down her personality, but she is rather exotic-looking.

Cedartree – My only sparrow-man. “Cedar” sounded manly to me.

Almond Tanglebreeze – My dear baking-talent.  I chose “Almond” because of the baking, “Tanglebreeze” because of her tangled emotions that she is always trying to get a handle on, but it’s often like trying to grasp a breeze as it goes by.  She is very sweet in temperament–something to go with the baking idea.

Ginger Rainglow – Almond’s best friend and PH guide.  She’s very unlike Almond: straightforward, energetic, decisive.  I chose “Ginger” because ginger is very spicy in large amounts, although it tastes good.  Ginger Rainglow can be spicy and come on too strong, but she always backs off if people let her know she’s overstepping bounds. That’s why she’s a good friend for Almond. 🙂  Rainglow…Ginger glows, for sure.  She’s just that type.  And the “Rain” just sounded good with it, although I don’t think it really suits Ginger.  She’s a more sunny disposition.  So I think “Rain,” since it’s part of what functions as her last name (i.e. family name), symbolizes her struggle with being so different from her family.  I could easily envision Ginger’s family telling her, “You’re a Rainglow!  Act like one!  Rain and glow are slow, tempered things.  You are far too unpredictable.”

Sugarplum – The large baking-talent that Almond works for.  She makes me smile just thinking of her. 🙂  I chose Sugarplum because it calls to mind “sugar-plump,” which just seemed perfect for a baker.


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