What Message is Pixie Hollow Sending to Young Girls?

I’m posting this here, because chances are, once Pixie Hollow Forum moderators view my post, they’ll delete it.  They might even shut me out of PHF.
To explain what’s going on here: Recently Disney added a new shop to their online role-playing game, Pixie Hollow, in which where kids can create fairies (or sparrow-men) and interact, play games, buy outfits, etc.  The latest shop they have added enables users to change their fairy’s facial features, skin tone, and eye color.  Many users have expressed concern and outrage at the message this feature is sending to their largely young, female user base.  This post is a summary of my reaction to it.
Well, I’ve read all the responses and I’m with all of you who have said that the implications of the “magical” ability to recreate your fairy’s face are very disturbing. I’d say, “Don’t they realize…?” but the truth is they probably do, and instead of guarding young girls against self-image problems and deep insecurities, they are capitalizing on them and using them to their own advantage. It’s devastating but true. Disney is in it for the money, period, and if encouraging young girls to change themselves on a whim means making money, Disney will do it.From what I’ve read, Disney has said, apparently, that the users have been asking for this for years. I, for one, have no doubt that’s true. Have you created a new fairy lately? Have you noticed how incredibly limited the options for creating a fairy are now? Last I checked, they only allowed two or three different hairstyles and about 5 “expressions.” Given that, of course users have been demanding this! Their options have been severely limited ever since the notion of the “membership” came around.So instead of allowing girls to create a highly unique identity upon entering Pixie Hollow, like they used to, they wait until after they’ve already got the sign-ups, and then they hit them with all these other options that–gasp!–require money???? Shocking! I thought I was signing up for free, fun pastime! Wrong again.So yeah. That about sums up my disgust and disillusionment of Disney. But perhaps I never should have been so foolishly idealistic. Since when are the media’s intentions for its viewers wholesome? It’s been a long time since those days.

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