Social Experiment

That was a fun social experiment.

Pixie Hollow is full of teenagers and preteens that have the most juvenile conversations ever, mostly centering around dating and who hates who and Miley Cyrus and such.  I joined three years ago with the naive hope that there would be some more grown-up people who actually just wanted to have friends to talk to in a fun way.  Three years later, I know better.  But I’ve stayed because I have a (possibly equally naive) hope that if I instigate grown-up, mature conversations, others who are grown up but have been less talkative because of the environment would participate and follow suit.

So today I decided to try an experiment.  I have two Pixie Hollow accounts.  I logged into both of them on different browsers.  For one I was my fairy story character, Cedarbark, and for the other I was my Pixie Hollow character Stormy.  I decided Stormy was Cedar’s friend who tries to draw him out of his introvert bubble and into some socialization.

So Stormy invited Cedar to a fairy holiday feast (which I’m sure Pixie Hollow has).  He hemmed and hawed and she suggested he bring Leatherhead, his lizard friend.  So they were having a conversation about this in full sentences with appropriate punctuation and spelling.  Very different from your usual Pixie Hollow fare.  And, sure enough, it drew some attention.  One fairy boy (I guess Disney calls them sparrow-men) named Michal came up and started chatting with us.  I had Stormy explain to him that Cedar was shy and she was inviting him to the feast.

What was hilarious that unfolded was that Michal privately messaged me (“whispered,” in Pixie Hollow language) and said, “Are you two paired?”

After laughing out loud about it to my real-life husband about it, I had Stormy tell Michal no, they were just friends. 🙂

And then it got funnier.  “I’m sorry for asking,” he said.


And since I truly appreciated his apology, I said so and thanked him.

And he laughed out loud.


Humanity and their ways never, ever ceases to amaze, confound, and fascinate me.  I don’t know how old the person behind Michal was, but people are just. So. Interesting.

So I kind of like this fun social experimenting.  Only thing is, having Pixie Hollow open in two browsers slows my computer WAY down!  Until next time. 🙂


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