God, Testing, Obedience

“I wouldn’t say that was God trying to tell you He is going to bring [name omitted] into your life to test your obedience, because you don’t seem to think you will succeed, and I don’t believe God tests our obedience unless He knows we will be successful (see Job). The tough things that do happen to us, that we fail miserably at, are there for our discipline, and to cause us to recognize our dependence upon Christ all the more.”

This is from a comment I was going to leave on a blog.  I ended up not including this part, but writing it out made me think deeper on the subject of God, testing, and obedience.  And it’s something I want to stew on and expound upon later when my thoughts are fully formed, so I’m keeping this little nugget here to remind me for later.


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Filed under Nonfiction, Reflective Writing

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