Reblog: Seriously


PROMPT: Make a list of things you used to be serious about. A few a mine: Maintaining my hotness, scorning that which was deserving of scorn, symmetry, finding and eliminating flaws, gardening, violence. Stay curious and keep your pen moving. 6 minutes.

Used to be…As in past tense.  Ok.  I haven’t had a lot of life pass for things to become “used to be,” so a lot of these will be age-specific (i.e. high school).

J. K. (high school crush)
Not letting anybody know I was a Christian
Finding a job, any job
Les Miserables
My ex-boyfriend
Not ever listening to secular music
Being perfect
Being who I thought everybody else wanted me to be
Watching only G-rated and PG-rated movies
Telling my sister who she ought to be
Not giving boys “the wrong idea”
Making sure change NEVER happened.
Not wearing makeup
Avoiding guys with emotional problems at all costs.
Not breathing a word to my boss about stupid little mistakes I made while out driving (e.g. turning too fast)

I’m going to put my own twist on this now.

Things I’m serous about now that I didn’t used to be:

My husband
My faith
Not alienating my sister anymore
Maintaining friendships (work in progress)
Buying quality instead of cheap
Reading the Bible
Showing people I still care about them
Being responsible
Being a good wife (work in progress)
Controlling my temper
The need to laugh to ease stress
Seeing friends come to Christ

Things I’m still as serious about as I’ve ever been:

Pleasing others first
Doing whatever I do with all my heart (i.e. being serous about everything! LOL)
Finding out all the answers to the questions in life
Taking care of my hair (true story, LOL)
Not listening to stupid music
Not being thought of as stupid myself
Figuring out who I am
Loyalty to family and friends
My mom’s walk with God
My sister’s walk with God
Doing the best I can at whatever I’m given


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