Sounds List Prompt

PROMPT: Sounds I Live to Hear – A List. 6 minutes.

Peek into the hidden corners of your characters by having them do this prompt.

  1. The sound of running water – a fountain, a stream.
  2. The sound of a breeze through leafy treetops.
  3. The sound of rain pattering on dry earth.
  4. The cute mew of a kitty.
  5. Jazz music.
  6. The sound of total quiet.
  7. Michael Buble’s voice.
  8. My husband’s voice.
  9. Spontaneous laughter of my husband brought on by something funny I said.
  10. The sound of clocking off after a hard day’s work.
  11. Crickets chirping.
  12. Any steady, swishing noise.
  13. The sound of cereal tumbling into a bowl in the morning.
  14. Singing in tight (barbershop) harmony.
  15. Singing in choir harmony.
  16. The instrumental songs from Lion King, the Musical.
  17. The sound of children playing and giggling.
  18. Rhythm.

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