Hidden Things – Katharine (TOTC)

Dearest Katharine,

This is your creator.  I stumbled upon a writing prompt for you, Rosalind, Lea, and Meg to do.  I’m beginning with you.  As you are the most self-reflective character in the book, I can imagine this will come rather easily to you.  Your secrets are safe within my imagination.  Please write freely.

“Minjonet” (You know my true name, dear.)

August 2

Dearest Diary,

My creator wants me to do this writing prompt she found.  I suppose it can’t do any harm.  It will help her understand me better.  Today my task is to make a list of things I keep hidden.  Here is the direct text of the writing prompt, courtesy of http://partwild.wordpress.com:

Make a list of things you’ve hidden.  Illicit objects, treasures, presents, opinions, desires, flaws.  Go for quantity over quality. Don’t worry if it’s interesting or even true. 6 minutes.

  1. My fear of failure
  2. Picture of a boy
  3. My fear of my father
  4. My guilt for my mother’s death
  5. A book I read once, The True Adventures of Charlotte Doyle
  6. My stubbornness
  7. My journals
  8. Letters I’ve never sent

Tomorrow my task is to take one of these things and elaborate on it.  I do hope it will help my dear M.

-Katharine Braun


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