Story Bursts

Story bursts are incomplete stories that pop into my head, usually from the creativity-inspiring Pixie Hollow Forums.

Story Burst #1

The sparrow-men at Pixie Hollow were suddenly spending hours foolishly staring in the windows of and all fancying themselves musicians.  Cedar pulled his guitar case strap tighter over his shoulder and glared at the window of Barrow’s Trends displaying shiny, colorful new guitars.

Cedar was angry because guitar-playing had always been his special talent.  Fairies flocked to hear him play on the ledge of Cranberry Cliff at sunset.  But now all the fairies and sparrow-men of Pixie Hollow would be playing guitars and his talent wouldn’t be special anymore.

Story Burst #2 (an idea from another PHF member)

Fairies that are secretly mermaids, a la Emily Windsnap.


Do you know what’s interesting about my story characters?  I get a great picture of the character in my head–usually very introverted and stand-offish of the other characters.

And I have no idea how to draw them out of themselves.

Because I don’t ever experience that in my own life.


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