PHF H2O RP Quick Ref

Darcy (allthings): 16; long, medium-dark, curly hair; deep brown eyes, dark eyebrows, dark teal tail; short; friendly, social, stylish, cool; sings. Was already keeping her mermaid nature a secret.
Laura (anime): 16, Long blonde hair, dark blue eyes, purple tail; tall, thin, fair, athletic; funny, cheeky, flirty, good at acting innocent.  Just found out she’s a mermaid.
Renee (roady): 17; straight, dark hair, usually braided; French; gray eyes. Was already keeping her mermaid nature a secret.
Dale, Violet, and Charlotte (dropped out) are at the pier; Gwen (and Mads).

Name: Fria
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Appearance: Wavy, waist-length brunette hair; icy blue mermaid tail, vivid green eyes, decorative purple starfish comb in her hair.
Demeanor: Loves trying new things. Likes to travel. A bit mischievous at times. (Fria can also speak a little French if Renée wants to speak French with her. Maybe Renée can teach her some more.)
History: Fria was a mermaid that found out she could also become human.

My Posts

Fria was peacefully swimming in her favorite nook of the ocean near the coast of Malibu, CA when she heard a great commotion from a couple of girls in the water several yards away from her. “You’re a mermaid too?” she thought she heard one of them say, and instantly her ears perked up. The two girls were staring at each other with awe and wonder on their faces. Suddenly one of them, the blonde, pointed toward the shore, and the other looked worried. They darted under the water and Fria didn’t see them again until their heads popped up by a sandbar away from the shore. Excited to meet new people–and mermaids, at that!–Fria dove under the surface of the water with a splash and reached them in a matter of minutes. She popped her head up and said brightly, “Hi! I’m Fria!”


Fria giggled. “Sorry I scared you,” she said to Darcy. “Sometimes I don’t think before I splash! I just heard you talking about being mermaids and you looked awfully nice and I was just curious and excited to meet you! Hi!” she suddenly greeted a new mermaid who had shyly swum up.

Just as a fat, cold raindrop hit her cheek, Fria noticed the blonde mermaid turn her head away and cover her ears. “Darcy, what is the matter with your friend?” she asked, concerned.

Merfairy Code

1. Merfairies stand for peace, happiness, love, and justice.
2. Merfairies defend, never attack.
3. A merfairy must never use her powers for selfish and/or evil deeds.
4. Merfairies must never go into battle without the empress’s permission.
5. A merfairy must never tell another empire/kingdom about the empire’s personal affairs.
6. A weekly merfairy meeting will be held every Saturday at 3:00 P.M. Pixie Standard Time at Sunflower Gully in Misty Ledge (or at the empress’s home, depending on the circumstances of the meeting). If the empress cannot make it to the meeting, then it will be moved to Sunday at the same time and place.
7. The Merfairy Empire must consist of 100% merfairies.
8. If a merfairy is found to have divided loyalties in the empire, she will be removed from the empire.
9. Queen and/or princess elections within the empire do not count as official unless the empress holds them herself.
10. Merfairies must be kind to one another. Treat each other as you would like to be treated.

Other Merfairy information (as provided by Sarah Stardust)

“Again, I would like to warn all Merfairies to stay on the watch for Merfairy catchers. In my last post, I couldn’t recall their names. But I remember now that there are two to keep watch for: Cosmo Eaglestone and Nightflame. Please watch for them, and report back to me immediately if case you see them do anything suspicious.”

Hey, everyone! Here are all the powers I have as Merfairy Empress:
Controlling water
Freezing water
Heating water
Turning water to jelly
Light power
Magic hair
Siren Song
Talking to sea animals
Controlling sea plants
Speed swimming
Reading minds
Controlling weather (If you can control water you can also control the weather!)

Mermish is the official language of the Merfairies.
Anit: Search
Dal: Want
Em: You
Fan: Am/Is/Are
Fimara dom: Low tide
Fimra tre: High tide
Fre: Help
Hredenu: Male
Hron: Swim
Ifen: Was/Were
Kesseni: Female
Kila: Many
Li: Here
Luron: Far away
Lusa: See
Nulma: Love
Ohora: Storm
Olo: There
Sessa: Mermaid
Setanim: Human
Suron: Wave
Tala: Hello
To: I
Torm: Beach
Tritse: Ship
Antorum: Beachcomber
Mortum: Someone who would fail to see a mermaid right in front of their eyes
Sesmuna: Friend of mermaids
Setannor: Curious but harmless person
Setantraya: Curious and dangerous person
Setsur: Sailor


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