Zumba Dances

Descriptions of Zumba dances are very amusing to try and explain to people who have no idea what you are talking about.  Following are some descriptions I’ve come up with in my head for dances, songs, and moves from my Zumba class.

One dance I call “Crazy Legs:”  We start with crazy legs (and arms), then we do the half-twirl thing twice, backward and forward, and then we spin ourselves around slowly in a circle.  There’s the sound of either an owl hooting or a dog barking in the background in a techno kind of way.  At one point we dance back and forth a bit like gorillas!

I also like the one Spanish song where we we just dance really fast side to side.

That forward-heel step is hard if you’re out of shape–then you just have to make an ordinary step.

I always have to fight crying when we act like African birds in Waka Waka!

I had a tought time figuring out that echoy-singy one where we cross forward 4 steps, then half-twirl backward all the way.  I think I’ve finally figured it out, though; you have to act like a water-skipper.

That’s also the one that slows waaaayyy down at the end with the hip hop pumps.

There’s one dance where we wave our arms up and down at random people.  It always makes me think of mating rituals in the animal kingdom–WEIRD!

I like the cool smooth flowy side-to-side movements.  Moving my arms really helps me get my legs right.

I can’t do that scuttle-y bellydancing move from left to right.  I do great from right to left, but I am not left-right coordinated as much as I am right-left coordinated!


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