Old Schoolhouse (TOTC)


  • Bricks – red with white on them. Or made of wood with lots of paint chipped and weathered.
  • Shingled roof sagging, gap in one part of it.
  • Some broken/empty windowpanes.
  • Boarded up door — some boards missing. Or door bashed in.  Or not bashed in, maybe the handle knocked out.  Inside on the ground.


  • A few wooden chairs and tables suitable for seating 2 or 3 students a table.  Some overturned.  Some broken and missing legs.
  • A fire hearth.
  • Dead leaves, shingles missing from the roof, dust, some glass pieces, including a full windowpane.
  • Blackboard.

Story of the old schoolhouse: “Bad boys” used to come here and smoke.  Behind it, out of view.  Not usually in it. Some would sneak into it at night and tell ghost stories.  Particularly of a mysterious gray cat that some say they have seen.  Somebody once came and knocked off the outer handle.  The inner handle dropped to the ground inside the schoolhouse.



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