TOTC Revisited – Entrances?

After two years of leaving it alone, I’ve picked up my Tales of the Crystals story again.  I wrote lots and lots of pages in it the last time I looked at it, but it started to drag.  I lost my way and so did the girls!  So I’ve got to start from the second chapter (the first one is great; I just tweaked it a little here and there) and rewrite it, starting with how in the world they get into Collingwood.


Door portal idea.
Voice? (their names?)
Sound of bells
Chased into the woods

Before I had them enter voluntarily.  But them suddenly finding themselves in it is much more fun.

I can definitely make use of the woods…Or the old schoolhouse…But what one earth would motivate them to enter an old, abandoned, dilapidated schoolhouse?  A fairy light?  No, something more concrete than that is needed for Lea.  A rushing wind that nearly knocks her over?

More time in conversation before entering Collingwood?  Perhaps a way of getting them to problem-solve on their own, like I thought of in an earlier post?

Oh I know…A light glowing from the inside of the schoolhouse.  That’s simple. (In broad daylight?)

Okay, if I were to enter into another world voluntarily, how would I do it? Voluntarily stepping through a shimmering, transparent doorway or a rainbow’s end or a sun ray or a waterfall.

Magic notes appearing?  Same handwriting?


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