Mermaid College?

For  a Pixie Hollow roleplay.  Somehow I never imagined mermaids going to college.  Beauty school, maybe.  But college?  Not so much.  Doubts notwithstanding, I decided to pitch into the roleplay.

Post #1

Mira nervously looked around the large cafeteria. So many different mermaids and mermen! A smart girl, Mira had breezed through junior high and high school, but this was different–more homework, longer classes, and more people. Not to mention different opinions than her on stuff. She shivered slightly, glancing at the door and telling herself, ‘If all else fails, that is the door I’m running out of.’

Through the open doorway, she saw a young mermaid bump into a merman and giggle self-consciously, taking the convenient moment to bat her eyes at him. Mira shook her head to herself. ‘Not that different than junior high and high school.’ Here, too, she would make herself different by absorbing herself in her studies and making new mermaid friends. Mermen friends could wait still longer.


Obviousy, this swings a door wide open for Miss Mira to meet some dreamboy, but she will not, I repeat NOT, meet him by conveniently “bumping into him” like way too many of the other PHF girls do.  Oy.

Post #2

Mira found her way over to a table that had no one sitting at it, but was near tables with other mermaids laughing and talking.  Desperately shy, she could never initiate conversation with others, but she always hoped someone would be friendly, see her sitting by herself, and initiate conversation with her.

Unfortunately, when she was finished eating, she had spent the meal sitting alone, lost in her own thoughts and insecurities, observing other mermaids and mermen around her, and not one word had been spoken to her.  She swam slowly out, eyes downward, mentally demanding of the invisible thought world around her, ‘How in Poseidon’s great sea do I begin a good conversation?!’


I think I might just post the first paragraph and not the second.  The second is how life really, actually goes, but perhaps one of the other girls, privy to my character’s inner thoughts, might have mercy on me and start a conversation with me in this fantasy world of RP.

Of course, they’re all, like, 12 years old and the extent of the conversation will probably be “Hi. Why are you sitting by yourself?”…But hey.  It’s interesting to watch what they do.  And who knows.  Maybe someday in real life they’ll see a girl sitting all by herself and remember this RP and talk to her.

Random thought: “Mira” sure seems like a fitting name for me in fictional character form.  Don’t know why, but it sure fits.


Post #3

Driven by her usual fear of new places and making mistakes, Mira swam across the sea campus to her dorm room to find her schedule. Classes didn’t begin until Monday, but she wanted to be as prepared as possible. She entered her room, which looked very lonely with one side of the room completely empty, except for a bare coral bed frame with a seaweed mattress and a standing wardrobe for her roommate’s clothes. Her roommate would arrive later that evening. Mira wondered if they would get along, shuddering at the vision of being forced to live with somebody that didn’t like her. How would she deal with the conflicts? So many things she should have figured out before making the huge step of coming to college…


Post #4

At 6:30 that evening, Mira’s roommate arrived. Her name was Nevine and her brother, Supo, helped her move things in. He looked about 10 years older than Nevine. Nevine didn’t have much stuff and what she did have was starkly simple. Mira looked at her collection of childhood books and stuffed animals and her colorful bed cover with a tinge of shame. Would Nevine make fun of her for having those things?

Supo and Nevine had Nevine’s stuff moved in in no time. After a moment, Supo said, “Well, sis, have fun at college.”

“Thanks, bro,” Nevine said.

“See you around.” He gave her a simple nod and swam away.

“Where are your parents?” Mira asked when Supo had left.

“They live in Rock Rush,” she said, naming a mermaid community about a 30-minute tortoise ride away. “Supo lives with them.”

“Why didn’t you just live with them?” Mira marveled. “Wouldn’t that have cost less?”

“I needed an excuse to not live with my parents,” she said.

“Oh.” Mira didn’t know what else to say. She thought of herself just a few hours ago, crying as her mom, dad, sister, and baby brother vanished out of sight. She was already hating the fact that she wouldn’t see them again for 4 months. She and Nevine were very different, indeed…


Post #5

Knock knock knock knock! Mira looked up from her book. Somebody was going down all the doors on the wing and knocking a bunch of times and saying something to everybody as they opened their doors. She sounded very energetic, and Mira could only guess it was their Resident Assistant (RA), Aquata. Knock knock knock knock! came the sound on her own door. Nevine opened the door. Aquata stood outside. “Are you girls coming to the freshman orientation??!” she asked in too many exclamation points.

“Uh…” Nevine stalled.

Mira climbed down from her bed, all too glad to get out of that room in the awkward silence and meet some new people. “I’ll come.”

“…Sure,” Nevine said, still sounding uncertain.

“Great! They’re all meeting at the student center. I’ll see you there!”

Mira grabbed her campus map to check how to get there from her building. Thankfully, it was just across the way and down a ways. She and Nevine looked around her room briefly, both coming to the conclusion that they didn’t need to bring anything.

“Okay, let’s go,” said Nevine. Mira was filled with a spark of hope. It was the first time Nevine had made any kind of a reference to her, and it was to the both of them together! The girls started down the hallway toward the student center.


When Nevine and Mira arrived at the student center, they were greeted at the door by a mermaid handing out shells with letters written on them.  “Hold on to these until you’re told what to do with them!” the mermaid said.  Nevine and Mira entered and found a great gathering of mermaids there already.  Some of them were playing ball, some were dancing, most were just gabbing in groups.  Mira found herself smiling.  So many friendly people!  How did she approach them?  “Nevine!” came a shout.  A merman with longish brown hair and glasses came swimming over.  Nevine saw him and briefly nodded upward at him.  “Hey, Lex,” she said casually.  “How’s it goin’?”

“Awesome. This crowd is crazy.  Welcome to college, huh?” Lex said, laughing.

Nevine laughed with him.  “Yeah, it’s pretty out-there.”

Lex suddenly seemed to notice Mira standing there.  He motioned in the same upward nod.  “Hey. I’m Lex,” he said, and stuck out his hand.  Mira took it, surprised and glad and skeptical all at once.  “I’m Mira,” she said.  “Nice to meet you.”

“Likewise,” Lex said.

Mira was about to ask how Nevine and Lex knew each other, but suddenly a merman’s voice carried through the waters above them all.  “All right, all right, all right, everyone!” A merman had swum above the heads of all and cupped his hands around his mouth to make himself heard.  The gabbing quickly stopped, with the exception of a few small groups here and there.  “Welcome, freshmen!  And freshladies!  All freshfish!”  Laughter bubbled through the crowd.  “You all know why you’re here,” the lead merman begun.  “Because your parents suggested it would be a good idea to get edjumacated!” Laughter again.


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