Life in Pixie Hollow RP

Yay!  A chance to use Cedarbark.  I’m enjoying this. 🙂

Whoosh… the wind messed around with May’s hair. The wind was getting harder, and May couldn’t do the rainbows half as well as she usually could.
Finally a big gust of wind pushed at May, and she was whisked away with the rainbow trailing behind her. “AAAAIIIIIEEEEEE!!!” May screamed. The wind seemed to suddenly stop and she landed heavily in a dense forest.

*Cedarbark is a sparrow-man. He’s an animal-talent. He is a bit of a loner and spends his time in the woods. He doesn’t have very good manners, as he has spent most of his life away from fairy society. He needs to get over his shyness and rejoin fairy society so he can live a normal life.*

Cedarbark turned his head. He thought he had heard something hit the forest floor. Having lived there most of his life, his ears were accustomed to notice any unusual sound that occurred there. He looked over the edge of the porch of his home and saw a fairy lying on the forest floor. By the golden tint of her wings, Cedarbark took her for a light-talent. ‘I better go see if she’s okay,’ he thought to himself, and took off out of his tree down to the fallen fairy.

‘Hey, are you okay?’ he asked as he approached her.

“Oh!” May gasped when a sparrow-man flew down from a tree to her. She hadn’t realized that someone else was here to.
“Yeah, I’m okay.” She said giving a small smile.

Cedarbark stared at the fairy for a moment, not sure what to say next. Suddenly he realized he should probably say his name. “I’m Cedarbark,” he introduced himself. “Are you, uh, from around here?”

“I’m May Eveningcloud, but just call me May.” May said to Cedarbark. “And, yes. I am sort of from around here, I just live over that hill out of the woods and by the Pixie Dust Tree.”
Cedarbark nodded. “So, Cedarbark, do you live in these woods or do you live somewhere else?” May asked.

Before he had a chance to ask her what she was doing in the woods, May asked him where he lived. He hesitated. “Yeah, I live around here. In these woods,” he added, scratching the back of his neck a little nervously. Time to get back to his question. “So what are you doing out here? Most fairies are too scared to come to the woods…Lots of predators, you know.”

(Grr.  I now see why the “don’t control other people’s fairies” thing is a rule.)


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