For the Fairy Ball RP

(Sorry to join late.  I’ll catch up to the time soon, I promise.)

I’m making up a baking-talent fairy for this story.  Her name is Almond Tanglebreeze.  She is a fairly new fairy, conservative and kind of serious.  Her hair is medium brown (sienna brown) with a slight reddish hue, and she wears it up in a braided bun to keep it out of the food at the bakery.  Her eyes are light brown.  There will be other fairies in my stories, but they play supporting roles.  Sugarplum, Almond’s boss, is an older fairy who grumbles a lot, but she really is kind at heart and sees Almond almost as a daughter.  She is plump and has dark magenta hair.


Almond Tanglebreeze, a baking-talent, was in the Pixie Hollow bakery early in the morning, helping with the daily bread-baking, when one of their regular customers, Bayberry, who worked in the Tearoom, entered. “Hello, Almond; hello, Fairy Sugarplum. I’m here for my usual order, but I have some news, too.  There’s going to be a ball tonight!”

“A ball? What for?” asked Almond’s supervisor, Sugarplum, asked distastefully.

“In honor of the flower festival,” Bayberry told them.  “And every baking-talent that attends is supposed to bake one of his or her favorite treats to bring to it.”

“I was afraid of that,” grumbled Sugarplum.  “As if we don’t have enough to do…”

“Sorry, Fairy Sugarplum.  I’m sure it’ll be fine if you just bake something simple.”

Sugarplum sighed.  “Well, I won’t be attending; I’ll stay back and keep the shop.”  She turned to Almond as she was coming out with a box tied with raspberry-colored ribbon.  “Almond, will you be wanting to go?”

“Yes, Fairy Sugarplum, if that’s all right,” Almond answered.

“I suppose I’ll manage without you, seeing as most of the fairy kingdom will be at the ball,” Sugarplum said.  Almond’s eyes lit up.  “IF you will work all the days leading up to it.”

Almond was more than willing to put in a little extra work to go to her first ball.  “Thank you, Fairy Sugarplum!” she said.  She turned to Bayberry.  “Here are your raspberry muffins.”

“Thanks, Almond!  You know, Fairy Sugarplum, you’re more than welcome to come.  Every fairy is invited.”

“I’m much too old for balls, Bayberry, but I’m sure you girls will enjoy yourselves.  Bye bye, off with you now.  The Tearoom will be wanting their muffins!”

“Bye, Fairy Sugarplum; bye, Almond.”


Almond exited of the bakery that day at noon, deep in thought.  She preferred to walk when she had things to think about.  As she traveled, she heard a voice chime out, “Hey, Almond Tanglebreeze!  What’s cooking?”  The fairy tittered at her own joke.  It was Ginger Rainglow, Almond’s closest friend so far in Pixie Hollow.

“Hey, Ginger!  I suppose you’ve heard about the ball?” Almond asked.

“Yep, I’m already planning what I’m going to wear!  Hey, do you need some help preparing?  It being your first ball and everything.”

“Actually, yeah, that’d be flaptastic,” Almond said, trying out the favorite Pixie Hollow phrase.

“Okay.  I’m on my way to the library, but meet me at Summit Style at three and we’ll see what we can get ya hooked up with.  See ya then!”

Ginger flew away and Almond continued on her walk home.  Summit Style was pretty expensive; she’d have to find all the extra ingredients she could and make a few trades.  She arrived at her tulip home and began searching for ingredients.


(Different version)

(I hope no one minds if I leap in with the next day.  I am bringing in a fairy named Almond Tanglebreeze.  She’s a baking-talent, too…We seem to have a plethora of them for this RP!…and she’s a rather new fairy; this is her first fairy ball. BTW, how many days do we have before the ball, anyone know?)

Almond Tanglebreeze, a baking talent, arose the next morning before the sun.  She braided her hair, wound it up, and pinned it into a bun, preparing for work.  She had so much to do today!  She didn’t know how she was going to concentrate on helping Fairy Sugarplum out with the baking.  At three, she would be meeting with her friend Ginger Rainglow at Summit Style to pick out a dress to wear.  Before that, she hoped to gather as many ingredients as possible, because she knew a new dress would be expensive.

Caught up in her thoughts, she was nearly late for work.  She came racing into the shop right at 4:00 AM, and Sugarplum, her boss, chided her: “Well, there’s the little sleepyhead.  My goodness, head too full of thoughts of the ball to come to work on time?”  Sugarplum was an older fairy who often grumbled often, but was really kind at heart, and looked upon Almond almost as a daughter.

“I’m sorry, Fairy Sugarplum,” said Almond. “I was thinking of the ball. I promise I won’t do it again.”

Sugarplum gave her a look, but then her face softened into an almost-smile. “Well, it is your first ball; I suppose I’ll go easy on you.  Now, pull those sweet rolls out of the oven before we smell burnt sugar!”

“Yes, Fairy Sugarplum,” Almond said with a happy smile.  She was glad Sugarplum wasn’t mad at her.

But all day long, as she predicted, her head was in the clouds, and Fairy Sugarplum had to get after her more than once.  Fortunately, she managed not to let anything burn, but felt rather like a squirrel chasing her tail around all day long, until she heard the wonderful sound of the noon bell chiming out over all of Pixie Hollow, which signaled the end of the day for her.

“Ah, ah, ah, before you go racing off to your next engagement, sweep up that flour mess by the counter, would you?” Sugarplum got after her.

Almond swept faster than she’d ever swept in her life, put away the broom and dustpan, and whirled eagerly to Sugarplum.  Sugarplum put her hand on her hip an gave her a good, long stare before finally saying the magic words: “All right, you can go home now.”


At three o’clock, she flew to Acorn Summit and waited outside Summit Style for Ginger.  She began to think and dream about what kind of dress she would wear.  Her favorite color was buttercream, but she wondered if that would be the right color for her to wear.  She was glad Ginger would be helping her out.  Ginger was mainly a water-talent, but did art on the side.

“Hey, Almond!” Ginger called out as she flew up.  “Ready to shop?”

“I guess so,” Almond said.

They entered the shop and began looking at all the lovely dresses on the racks.


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