Pixie Hollow Fairy Descriptions

For my own reference.


Mahogany-colored (dark red/auburn) hair cut in shoulder length, flattering layers. Wisps that reach down near her eyes, which are green.  Her regular outfit is a fawn brown tank top and a driftwood brown tulip petal skirt.  She also has a pretty flower headband in a light tan color that she likes to wear.  Her other favorite colors to wear are foxtail orange and strawberry red.  She is a sweet-spirited girl.

Stormy Seastone:

Dark tan skin and long hair that is so dark brown it looks black.  In the front, she keeps it neatly tucked behind her ears.  Her favorite color is blue and she wears all shades of it.  She is a deep person.  She has an agave blue-green sea crown, but she also likes to wear a blue headband.  She has very lovely sapphire blue, almond-shaped eyes.

Stargazer Nightcloud:

Honey-colored hair, amber-colored eyes.  Her ordinary outfit is light yellow, but really likes wearing pink.  Her favorite top has butterfly-wing tipped sleeves.  She wears her hair simply down, parted in the middle, or sometimes in a ponytail.  It falls just past her shoulders.  She wishes she could be both a garden-talent and a light-talent, and tries to learn garden-talent things as much as she learns light-talent things.

Almond Tanglebreeze (in the process of being created):

A baking talent.  Medium brown hair with reddish tint.  Serious and conservative, a little insecure.  New to Pixie Hollow.  Wears hair in braided bun.  Light brown eyes.

Luna Appleblossom:

Blonde and blue-eyed, with shoulder-length hair, usually worn in two cute pigtails.  She is a garden-talent.

Jade Merrywings:

Dark-toned: her hair and eyes are both dark brown, almost black.  She wears her hair medium-long and straight and half-up.  She’s my only tinker-talent.  She has a merry personality, like her name.


An animal-talent with dark brown, shaggy hair.  He lives in the forest, away from fairy society, which he doesn’t know how to fit in to.  A bit brooding.  He likes to go on adventures, and is very protective in dangerous situations.  When he meets Bluebell, he learns that becoming part of fairy society may not such a bad thing.


A sweet and tenderhearted flower fairy with black curls, Bluebell has not seen much of the world outside of Fairy Garden Village.  When she meets Cedarbark, she learns how to stretch outside of her comfort zone.


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