Stargazer Nightcloud

The little honey-haired girl woke as if from a deep sleep. Blinking against bright, warm sunlight, she looked around her. She seemed to be next to a large tree which had different pictures on it. Something shimmered toward her out of the air As it neared, she could see it was a tall, beautiful lady in a silver dress. “Welcome, little one! I am Queen Clarion, the ruler of Pixie Hollow.”

The honey-haired girl stood quickly and curtsied to the queen. As she knelt forward she felt something behind her and turned. From her back were sprouting beautiful, delicate wings. The girl turned wide-eyed to the queen. “I’m a fairy!”

“Yes, little one, you are. Pixie Hollow is where all the fairies live in peace and harmony. You are the newest member of our little community. What is your name, sweet one?” Her name? The girl thought. She cast her mind about, and there it was: “Stargazer. Stargazer Nightcloud,” she said.

“What a beautiful name!’ said the queen. She placed her hand gently on Stargazer’s shoulder and guided her toward the wall-like tree. “Now it is time for you to choose your talent. Or perhaps your talent will choose you.” She stopped Stargazer in front of the pictures. “First, which category of a fairy are you?”

Stargazer studied the four pictures. In the first she could make out orange tongues of fire, blue waves of water, a sun, and wind-driven clouds. In the second she saw a rainbow of colors, paints, books, and musical notes. In the third she saw a little stove, laundry on a line, and all manner of unusual objects and machines she could not identify. Finally, in the fourth she saw an outdoor scene of a forest complete with different animals and flowering plants. She went back to the artistic one, moved toward it. But then a glow from the one to its left caught her eye. The sun was glowing at her and she couldn’t take her eyes off it. Her hand reached out and touched it, and suddenly the entire painting lit up under her fingers. She turned toward Queen Clarion and saw that there were now four platforms behind the queen.

“You have chosen the elemental talents,” said Queen Clarion. “Now let’s see which one it will be.” Stargazer thought she knew already what it might be, but followed Queen Clarion obediently.

Stargazer stood in the middle of the four platforms. On the one immediately ahead of her, water splashed and flowed into waves on itself. As she bent inward to see it closer, she could smell the salty smell of the ocean and feel the cool breeze. But no–the breeze was coming from the platform next to the water! The wind was what was causing the waves of the water! It varied on a cycle, from a gentle breeze to a sudden harsh, cold wind. The cold made her conscious of a feeling of fiery warmth behind her, and she turned to see a the brightness of flame. The light and warmth drew her closer and she gazed into the dancing orange flames. But she realized that the light was being given to the fire by the platform next to it–a single bright glow of light, brighter than anything Stargazer had ever seen. It shimmered into different colors and dazzled her eyes. As she drew closer, the glowing ball of light turned into sparkling shoots. Stargazer knew this was her calling.

She reached her hands out and grasped the ball of sparking light in her hands and it flooded through her whole body, shooting through her hands to her feet, her hair, and at last blazing through her wings. She turned to her wings and saw that they were now glowed like the light she had captured. With a big smile on her face, she turned to Queen Clarion, who was lowering her hand from her eyes.

“It always amazes me to see a light fairy take on her talent,” she said. “You are the first I have seen light take to quite like that!”

“What does that mean, Queen Clarion?” asked Stargazer.

“I’m sure it means that there is something very special about you, Stargazer Nightcloud,” said Queen Clarion. “Come. Now you will see Pixie Hollow.”

Stargazer spread her wings, which were still scintillating from the sparks, and took to the skies with Queen Clarion.


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