A New Day

Written February 11, 2007.

There are times when things happen so unexpectedly that you have no time to put walls up and you break. I spent three years dry-eyed, apparently waiting for that time, the day he showed up totally unexpectedly back into my life and got to me before I could put up those old walls. And I broke, like the shell of a new chick being born into the world.

I rolled down my window and let the beautiful damp almost-spring breeze flow in. It was the kind of breeze that let me cry, that coaxed the tears out of me. The kind of breeze that says, “This is a new start.” There was singing–a descant above the melody, the sun arching over rainclouded eyes. The breeze caught it up and took it to heaven on angels’ wings, dispersing a breath of life as it went. It’s been too long since the windows were opened, too long since the curtains were thrown aside to let God’s good light in. Today is a new day.

untouched, unstained, whole, fresh, clean, pure, new

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