LiveJournal Question – 3/14

If your pet were a person, what occupation would they choose?

I had so much fun with this one that I decided to answer for nearly every pet I’ve ever had.

  1. MamaKitty (sweet, mostly-gray calico) would be a caregiver.
  2. Walnut (lab/husky mutt) would have been a burglar.
  3. Mr. Black (huge black tomcat) would be a private investigator or spy.
  4. Kiona (calico cat, slightly mental) would be an exotic dancer.
  5. Digger (adventurous orange kitten) would definitely be an explorer along with Curious George (curious orange kitten).
  6. Kitten (motley calico, psycho) would be a murderer or an assassin.
  7. Midnight (black cat, slightly retarded) would try a little of everything and never settle on one thing.

Mr. Black was my favorite.  He’d make a really good private investigator.  That wouldn’t be his real name, of course.  No one knows his real name, or whose side he’s really on (his own).  I think he and Midnight would be great co-characters in a film-noir.

Mr. Black was what he called himself, although no one knew what his real name was.  No one knew where he had come from or when he had arrived.  He disappeared and reappeared at will, sometimes as himself, often as someone else.

It only made sense that such a man would become intricately connected with Minuit Labete, a tall, dark, beautiful girl, who had been so many things in her life that her identity was lost amidst the swirl of activity.  Perhaps this is why Mr. Black decided to trust her.

“It’s my diamonds, officer!” Minuit exclaimed passionately to Mr. Black.  “They’ve been stolen, and I want to know who did it.”

Mr. Black folded his hands on his stomach as he leaned back in his chair.  “Miss–Labete, is it?–I believe you misunderstand my position.  You seem to think I am an officer of the police force.”

“All I know is, you were recommended to me by a friend of mine,” said Minuit.

Mr. Black’s eyebrows raised slightly.  “And who is it, Miss Labete, that has recommended me to you?”

“A friend I met at the bar, Turrac Benchman.”

Mr. Black’s eyebrows raised slightly more.  He knew of a Turrac, but not of that last name.  “Ah, yes, Mr…eh…Benchman.  How long have you known him?”

Minuit, who had until this moment been standing obstinately in his office, yielded quickly at the invitation to tell a story and sat down.  She leaned forward as if her tale was of great interest.  “Well, we were just talking and I found out he likes acting, like me, and we just hit it off right away.  He took me home and we talked until 3 in the morning.  I was too tired to go home so I just spent the night there, and in the morning I drove myself home.  The next day he called and asked me out and we’re going out on Saturday night.”

“When was all this?” asked Mr. Black patiently.

Minuit lifted her large, very blue eyes upward.  “Well, it wasn’t yesterday or the day before, so it must have been Monday.”

“So, please tell me if I’m correct.  You have know him for only 4 days.”

“Yes.  But he’s very nice, much nicer than any other guy I have ever dated.”

“And when were your diamonds stolen, Miss Labete?”



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