Bluebell is a sweet, innocent flower fairy whose days are filled with dancing and singing, talking with birds and happy thoughts.  She has dear friends (Iris, Violet, Rose, Marigold or Blossom) and a very simple life.  One day she meets a tree fairy, Cedarbark, a rough boy who has spent more time fighting goblins and bad elves than he has living among his own kind.  Although he usually tries to avoid fairies of all kinds, Cedarbark is drawn to Bluebell.

Bluebell dislikes his seeming brutality and doesn’t understand his need to carry around a dagger all the time.  Cedarbark sees her at first as a naive girl who needs to grow up.  Later he realizes she is someone in need of protection.  Their relationship is full of ups and downs and many adventures, and in the end, they both even each other out.  Cedarbark becomes more sensitive and begins to see more beauty in the world, while Bluebell learns that not every place is safe, not everyone can be trusted, but there is someone who will protect her in those circumstances.


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