TOTC Writer’s Block

Problem: My story is 30 (8.5″ x 11″) pages long and I STILL haven’t gotten to the action.

Problem restated: The story is dragging on terribly.

Problem at core of problem: I’m not really sure what the action is going to look like.

Potential immediate solution: Write a draft of action on this blog.

Potential long-term solution: Reread Emily Rodda’s books, looking analytically at them.

Insight into said problems: I am making my stories TOO character-centric.  Time to stop thinking that way.


Things I want to include as they discover the land:

  • New dresses for all in the Village
  • Determine a place to sleep
  • Determine the purpose of the Secret Garden (it worked in the game, but it really had no true meaning)

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