TOTC Excerpt

I think this is my favorite paragraph of the story so far:

Katharine’s thoughts were not so romanticized as Rosalind’s, or so innocent as Meg’s, or so skeptical as Lea’s.  She believed with all her heart that there was a land in grave danger and that she had been chosen to be part of the plan to save it and that she must fulfill that duty.  But she didn’t feel honored, settled or excited about it.  She had never felt so unprepared in her life.

That whole section is pretty good, in my opinion–you really get to see inside Katharine’s head.  But I’m not going to share the rest, haha! 😉  You’ll have to wait.

This really isn’t going to be a short story… Oh well.  Calling it that makes me feel like it’s a more…achievable goal.


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