TOTC – Crystal Duties

The duties of each of the crystal carriers:

  1. Megara – the Healer
    1. Wear and protect the green Crystal of Healing.
    2. Heal any person or creature suffering from illness or injury.
    3. Make sure every person has a say when making plans, etc.
  2. Lea – the Scribe
    1. Wear and protect the purple Crystal of Invisibility
    2. Carry the journal and write everything down in it, and share the adventures with Old Man Oak.
    3. Assist Katharine in making plans – Katharine starts the idea, Lea works out the details.
  3. Rosalind – the Protector
    1. Wear and protect the red Crystal of True Sight
    2. Keep her teammates safe from harm by using her crystal to see through spells and trickery
    3. ?
  4. Katharine – the Leader
    1. Make all sorts of big decisions, like where to go and what to do
    2. Form plans for fighting Morphia with the help of Lea
    3. Seek out wisdom from the members of the Forest Council

Ah yes, the ever-present question of what does Rosalind do?  Not really Rosalind, but the carrier of the red crystal.  The red crystal is pretty…lame…in the game.

Here are some ideas:

Red Crystal

  1. It could have power of heat, perhaps?
  2. Perhaps it can create a small force field.

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