TOTC – Banach

I have 22 pages so far.  I’ve been working nearly every day on it.

Banach the Elder is a member of the Forest Council, but he’s not a major character.  I know very little else about him.  He sounds about 50 on the tape and actually sounds like a pretty robust man.  But what he has to do with bringing the girls to Collingwood, I have no idea.

Still having point-of-view issues.  I am so inconsistent!  I start with one girls’ perspective, but inevitably I switch to “all of the girls” statements.  It’s so frustrating!  I really, really, really want to bring all of the girls’ personalities out in the story, since I have them so clearly defined in my head, but it is so difficult to track all four girls’ reactions to everything happening AND keep the story moving.  Ugh!   What in the world am I going to do.  I seriously need to read the Boxcar Children books or something.

Four personalities is a lot to track at once.


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