Things I’ve Learned from Writing TOTC

Things I’ve learned so far in writing this story:

  1. In order to make an incredible story credible, it helps to tell it from a credulous perspective.
  2. Actions, not words!  I spend way too much time inside character’s heads and not enough time describing their actions, which is where the story lies.
    1. Perhaps I’m only meant to be a memoir-writer, not a story-writer.  Too bad!  I’m going to *attempt* to finish the story anyway.
  3. Lots and lots of adverbs!  You can only use “exclaimed” so many times.
  4. Fantasy and sci-fi are very similar genres: separate worlds touch.
  5. If you try to logically explain all of the strange happenings in a fantasy world, it ceases to be a fantasy world.

Katharine definitely saw somebody get badly hurt under her supervision or something and has been blaming herself for it ever since.  That’s her secret; it just is.  Ha!


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