TOTC – Orianna

I just realized I’m going to need to make character profiles for other characters who will be in my story, however small their part.  It’ll help things come together a bit faster.

I’ve been working on my story in bits and pieces, but I haven’t been able to get past this roadblock, this dilemma of getting them FROM the real world TO Collingwood.  It’s so hard to make a story fantastical and believable all at once.

On a random note: I’ve been reading Emily Rodda’s Fairy Realm books.  Genius writer!  Absolutely genius.

NAME: Orianna, Oracle of the Forest


BIOGRAPHY: She’s a kind of spirit.  She’s the wisdom of the forest embodied, but she can take different forms.  She’s also a kind of message-deliverer.

EYES: No matter what form she takes, her eyes are always lavender.  That’s how she’s recognizable.

HAIR: When she’s in human form, her hair is blonde and wavy and flowing.

CLOTHING STYLE: She wears white, flowing gowns with silver ties.

SPEAKING STYLE: Is he short and to the point? Or is he long winded?


JOB: What is her part in the forest?  What are her duties?

WEAKNESSES: She isn’t able to do anything, just speak to others and send them places.  (Collingwood really needs a central authoritative, human figure.  Or several human figures.)

Plot idea: The girls have normal lives in the real world, so they can’t necessarily just stay in Collingwood and rule.  But they COULD delegate a human villager that they deem worthy to be king or queen of Collingwood.  That’s truly what Collingwood needs. :/  How have they survived this long?  Perhaps Lady Morphia was the first inhabitant of Collingwood to turn on them.  Can’t they banish her to some other place?  Well, they do in the game, but she causes trouble later.  And “causing trouble” is really the only thing she does, like an unruly child.  It’s such an innocent game.

So I could, conceivably, make Lady Morphia nothing more than that: an unruly, rebellious, vengeful child.  Oy. I don’t know. Ponder.

12:41: Apparently I’m too realistic (or cynical!) to write fairytales… To make a character just conveniently notice exactly what they need to notice is so hard for me to do in good conscience!

12:53: AAH!  I figured it out!  YES!  My problem is that I’m writing from the perspective of THE most cynical character in the entire book!  HA!  What an easy problem to fix!  And then I can add mores of Megara into the story, which solves a whole WORLD of problems right now, and….. Oh, I can’t wait to see what comes next!  I’m a genius!!

Sorry–so excited to figure it out I just had to tell somebody! 😀


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