TOTC – Brainstorming 4

I’ve started writing my story.  I got a LOT written – 10 pages in one day!  But now I’ve covered absolutely everything I brainstormed and I have to start brainstorming again for the next portion.  What I have to figure out now is how the girls get introduced to Collingwood.  What I mean is, they are all waiting outside the old schoolhouse right now, which they all got messages to go to, and soon Orianna or somebody will make an appearance, or perhaps…. (And here the brainstorming begins.)

  1. A mysterious person or being flits out of the woods and darts away.  The girls, after some debate, follow after it.
  2. The girls decide to go into the schoolhouse and the schoolhouse door is the magic portal.  Actually, that kind of fits with the one picture in the Instruction book.
  3. A unicorn appears and the girls are so astonished that they walk towards it and then step through the portal.
  4. The unicorn turns into Orianna?  I like that idea…

She obviously has to lead them into the woods so that her true figure won’t be seen.

FYI, I think Lea should be the one that first notices the unicorn in the woods.  She’s the detailed one.

Notes for improving what I’ve already written:

More foreshadowing about the fantasy world they’re about to enter.  I.e., the girls all have a common interest in fairy tales, or they all have a funny feeling about the notes they got, that they should go–something like that.

More foreshadowing about the fact that they will all be working together in the near future.  I.e., settling an argument amongst themselves or even something as simple as getting to know one another and finding commonalities between them all.  I like that.

Describe what they’re wearing and what they look like!  Really need to do that.  But it won’t be too hard…

The girls’ personalities need to be clearer in their word choice.  It’s so hard to not write like myself!

Ways to fit in fantasy foreshadowing:

  • Rosalind: She’s already Belle in the 60-second drama.  Perhaps name what character she wants to be out of Tales of Hans Christian Andersen and why.
  • Lea: Something snarky about Rosalind and fairy tales?
  • Meg: She’s already been compared to Megara from the Disney movie.  Work with that more.
  • Katharine: She’s already involved in the Renaissance-themed dance.  Work with that more.

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