Our Cat, Genevieve

This was my creative writing for the day. 🙂  I made a page for my cat, Genevieve, on Facebook.  My husband and I just got back from a weekend trip and our cat absolutely will not leave me alone today.  I finally just squirted her, which sent her into her second-favorite chair in the house (I’m in her first-favorite).  So I made a story out of it in Facebook statuses. 😀
Genevieve’s status: Genevieve is sulking on the chair. Her human has been gone for THREE DAYS, and I just want to be near her, and do you know what I get?  A squirt in the face!  I can’t believe these humans!
Me: Yeah, and it was all I could do not to pummel you! BOUNDARIES, cat, BOUNDARIES!! I love you to pieces, but just give me a little room already!!

Genevieve: You left me.

Me: You tore up my favorite shirt!

Genevieve: I can’t control what my paws do! My mother left me at an early age.

Me: Then we’re clipping your nails. FREQUENTLY. I love that shirt. It’s the only shirt in my favorite color that I own!

Genevieve: You should love me more than a stupid shirt.

Me: I’m sorry, cat, that’s just not the way it is when it’s my all-time FAVORITE shirt in my FAVORITE color.

Genevieve: *sulk*


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