TOTC – More Brainstorming

So the girls are between the ages of 12 and 15.  There are a few ways to divide up the grades:

  • The three eldest girls all in the same grade, Megara one grade below
  • The two eldest girls in one grade, the other two one grade below
  • Katharine in 9th grade, Rosalind and Lea in 8th grade, Megara in 7th grade.

The last option is, of course, the most logical.  But Katharine must have met all three of the girls somehow.  That just makes sense.  Perhaps Rosalind and Katherine are in choir together, Lea, being very good with numbers, in honors math with Katharine or something, and Megara… Oh, the young one!  Perhaps Megara and Katharine share a love for horses and are in 4H together or something. I like that idea.

Rosalind and Lea share many classes together, since they are in the same grade.  Lea has met Megara and gets along with her pretty well.  Maybe Lea is part of the “leadership team,” the team that introduces the new 7th graders to the school.  (See, Lea has some good points!)

What is it that Lea sees in Megara?  Their friendship is an odd one.

I. How in HEAVEN’S name do Orianna and Old Man Oak see these 4 girls and choose to whisk them into Collingwood?!

A. Perhaps there’s a power greater than Orianna’s, a kind of omniscience, that chooses the girls for them and draws them in.  Like in “magic before the dawn of time” in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

B. The girls actually accidentally step into the world somehow, while they’re all meeting for…something.  That would also be like the Chronicles of Narnia.

I like the idea of them purposefully being chosen, but making that come across as realistic will be hard.  I don’t like the omniscient-power thing, though.  Too weird.


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