TOTC – Brainstorming III

Ways to get to Collingwood

  • reflecting pools
  • a secret meeting place
  • a not-so-secret meeting place
  • Megara could first discover it?
  • following a singing voice
  • somewhere in the woods
  • bathroom stall 🙂
  • summer camp cabin
  • abandoned cabin in the woods?
  • stream? fort? I love those!
  • library?!!!
  • abandoned outhouse?
  • hidden lake
  • abandoned garden
  • abandoned toolhouse/shed

That’s the list hubby and I came up with in the car.  I LOVE the library idea and I’m going to go with that.

Things the girls might collectively enjoy

  • choir
  • make-up
  • boys
  • dances
  • shopping

I really liked the dances idea but I really think they should wind up in Collingwood via the library.  The opening of a magic book, perhaps.  So maybe they all meet once, before Collingwood, at a dance.  It’d also be a good explanation of how Rosalind got her special dress.

Rosalind dresses fashionably, but tastefully.  She’s one of those girls that is boy-crazy, but once she finds the one, her heart’s his forever.  (But there ought to be a point where two guys hold her heart at once for a while.  She’s my epic romance girl. 🙂 )

So, along the library line!

I. Ideas

A. The girls are all working on class projects toward the end of the school year.

1. What classes do Rosalind and Lea have together?  That involve projects?

a. Social Studies
b. Life Science, or some other kind of science
c. Big school – more possibilities.  So…Marine Biology?  Plant Biology?
d. English?
e. Foreign language?
f. History of Ancient Civilizations

I best like the idea of Plant Biology or a foreign language.  Perhaps foreign language can be the project one of the other girls is working on.

They all are in the library the same day, working on separate projects.  And somehow they all end up opening the same book that leads them to the magic land.  We’ll straighten that out later.

Now do they all have interest in magical lands prior to being swept away to Collingwood?  That would be convenient.

The dance:

  • Katharine helps organize it.
  • Rosalind, Lea and Megara attend it–Rosalind for the social life, Lea because Rosalind or her parents dragged her into it, and Megara because her parents gave her a gentle push and perhaps a friend of hers (not part of the group–maybe she visits into Collingwood in some later piece!).
  • Renaissance themed, of course! 🙂

Then, perhaps, they were researching Renaissance-themed work in order to prepare them for the dance?  Maybe that’s why they picked up the book?  In which case they would not get to go to the dance, because they’d go to Collingwood first.

Which leads me to another problem.  The problem of time.  Does time freeze in the real world while the girls are in Collingwood?  My thought is yes, although it’s a bit overplayed.  They can’t have their families missing them and presuming them dead while they save Collingwood!  Much too dark for this age group and this genre.

Still a problem.  The idea is that the girls all get to Collingwood at different times.  Which means real time, however little of it, must pass before all of the girls are there.

Hrumph.  Quandary.  It seems the best solution is to whisk them all away at once. :/  But HOW?!

Okay.  So, just for the sake of thorough..ness, let’s play with the idea of time really passing while they are in Collingwood.

No, it still won’t work.  Their study partners would wonder where the girls want, follow back to the books, and open it themselves.  Can’t have that happening.  Besides, their positions as Keepers of the Crystals are fairly permanent–until Collingwood is safe and sound again.

Wouldn’t it be funny if somebody from Collingwood stepped into their real world and grabbed them off the streets.

And rather alarming for the poor girls.  Panic: not a good way to start the saving of a magical land.

Sigh. I desperately need to run through the cassette and the magic quest cards and get an idea of exactly how long these “missions” take.


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