Tales of the Crystals – Brainstorming

(Bold are my choices.)

I like two ideas:

  • the girls already live in Collingwood
  • the girls live somewhere else and get whisked away to Collingwood

I. The girls already live in Collingwood

A. They have been leading normal Collingwood lives, studying the magic that holds the land together and other subjects in school, until Orianna calls upon them for their help.

1. Obviously, if Orianna calls upon them, they have already shown exceeding talent and good standing despite their young age.

2. Do they have families?  Normal girls would have families.  It would make background sense for them to have families, but it would be easier to “thrash them about the plot” if they have no attachments but to each other.  Which leads me back to the idea of getting swept out of their homelands into my story.

II. The girls live somewhere else and get whisked away to Collingwood.

A. Where do they live?

1. Most likely England, as fantasy writing are so often set in backgrounds like the medieval English countryside

a. I’ve never actually been to England.  I can’t make it seem realistic, only copy from what I’ve seen in stories like Chronicles of Narnia.

2. Perhaps America?  I know plenty about America.

a. How would American girls adjust to living in a sudden fantasy world??

b. I don’t want them to be too modern.  This must be an easy adjustment, and I despise “chick lit” and it would be far too easy to slip into that trap if I made them modern-day Americans.

3. Maybe not-so-modern America?

a. That’s a definite no.  I know less about old America than I do about old England.

4. Or what about an imaginary country in our present world? Like Genovia in the Princess Diaries.  Hmm…

a. Are two imaginary countries too much to keep track of?  I don’t think so, not if the countries resemble bits of America and pieces of England.  LOL.  So what should it be called?  Ameriland?  Just kidding.

Okay, we’re going to go with option #4 for now, unless it doesn’t pan out.  So more questions:

Are they all from the same city in the same country? Did they know each other before they came to Collingwood?

  • Yes, I think they did.  I think they went to school together and knew each other as acquaintances but not very intimately.  Their being pulled into Collingwood led them to intimate relationships with each other, almost like sisters.  Ha!  They’re going to have lots of disagreements to get over in their early days, this first story I’m going to write.


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