Tales of the Crystals – Background

Orianna, Old Man Oak, Queen Llanoor, and Banach the Elder are holding an important Forest Council meeting.  Lady Morphia’s power has grown and she is once again trying to take over Collingwood as her own.

Lady Morphia – Background Sketch

Lady Morphia’s interest in the magic that runs Collingwood began when she was a young girl in the village.  She studied under the great master of the magic arts and everyone learned that she was extremely talented with the magic arts, and thought she might be the next mistress of the magic arts, but she took an evil direction with the abilities she learned, making the people of Collingwood increasingly uneasy.  Then one day, after causing the land much grief with a singular incident, she was stripped of her honor by the people of Collingwood and sent out of the heart of the land, into the outlands where the swamp goblins, ogres and dwarves live.  She moved into an abandoned fort/castle there and began plotting her revenge on all the land of Collingwood.


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